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Breakfast at Walter's


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I left my house at 5:30 am for conomo point, day after xmas.

It was snowing hard but no traffic along the way, so i arrived a bit early and passed on by Walter's house to check out the local launch.

Roger was their lookin at it also when i arrived.

Roger and i agreed the weather was a bit wild, as it was gusty and still snowin hard.

We jawed a bit and checked to see what noaa had to tell us..

still the same as last time i listened... snowy and windy, small craft advisory, blah blah blah.

After a short while we desided to head on over and see if Walter was awake, we arrived to find Walter, Werner and Suz in the kitchen.

Walter was preparing to make breakfast for the whole crew.

In no time at all we were eating excellent ham and cheese omelettes, fantastic pancakes, bacon, english muffins, tea, the works!

No surprise Walter is the unoffical crew chef!

Just as we finnished eating, Mark showed up and it was decided we might wanna try a more protected place to paddle.

We all got into our drysuits except for Walter who had desided not to paddle today (he probley looked out the window).

The rest of us all drove over to the greasy pole to launch in the harbor.

When we got to the launch it was blowing hard, still snowing, and more paddlers decided not to paddle today and went home.

After hanging around a little while the weather began to improve.

Long story short, Mark and i set out and paddled over to mussel point, then over to the coast guard station, back toward ten pound island then back to our trucks.

Total trip distance 5.17 miles.

I took some pictures of Mark while we were paddling around,

here is the link.


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Damn...sorry I missed that breakfast...wouldn't have wanted to paddle but I'm sure Walter's breakfast are worth getting up for.

Lets never let Walter learn to roll, if he does, he'll just shake up lunch too much.

( Walter, I'd rather teach you to roll and I'll carry your lunch )

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