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solo thursday


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I paddled at manchester 12/23 but only 5.03 miles as the weather was kinda nasty and getting worse every minute..

The part of the harbor behind the police station was frozen but the launch in the park around the corner was clear of ice.

I really like the handy kayak racks the town provides at this launch,..great for gettin set up!

In summer there is even a porta potty!

This launch is good at all but lowtide as the water goes bye bye then

and it's all mucky muck.

also there is a jetty that just covers at high tide and it's very easy to run up onto (just ask my brother)

I posted some pics of this little paddle ... here is the link


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I use a sony DSC-U60 it's a 2 megapixel point and shoot, very basic no viewfinder or zoom or anything but it is very waterproof and even has an underwater picture mode, i sometimes take shots of fish and such while i'm upside down in my boat.

The camera is very easy to use even with gloves and has a nice rugged case, i think they sell for about $200.00, mine was a really nice gift from my brother last year.

I use rain-x on the lense, works great.

thanx for the props!

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