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sng last saturday

rick stoehrer

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the sng last saturday went well and had a larger than anticipated turnout. thankfully, there was a very healthy ratio of shepherds/sheep on the water had anything gotten squirrely.

the weather held off and while it was a bit breezey, the more challenging conditions we had anticipated never materialized as it seems most of the storm blew itself out on friday night.

reviewed on the beach a number of things from trip planning basics to what gets packed in the boat, where and why along with some basic decision making on whether or not you launch.

when yours truly finally shut up, we launched and reviewed rescues.

time and weather depending, i would like to do this again before it gets too cold and then also add a few things i learned from the first iteration. we'll see as far as timing.

highlight of the day (besides john leonard swi....having a good time?) was saving a juvenile cormorant that was thoroughly and death sentence snagged in a giant ball of monofilament....took about 10 minutes or so to cut him free....apparently if you cover the eys and put them on their backs, they chill right out....either that or he was just bloody exhausted! in any event, once freed from the mess, he was able to properly dive and go away with nary a squawk over his shoulder....

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