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Queen Mary 2 & MIKCo

Bill Gwynn

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We all met at Eastern Prom, 21 boats with 22 people (yes, one was a double) we left promptly at 9:30am in 3 groups of 7, and headed straight towards the QM2 which you couldn't miss anchored just SW of Fort Gorges. Man, that is a BIG boat...Uh...ship. We got close enough to be waved away by the Coast Guard, and then continued on to Peaks Island to demo boats, hang out, and have some lunch. After lunch a large group of us went for a fun little paddle around Cushing Island. The winds were brisk and the seas were bumpy with some 3ft swells on the outside of Cushing. I enjoyed watching some of the more skilled paddlers cruise in close between the rocks. We headed back to peaks to join up with the others and to pick up Paula's new Anas Acuta (congrats Paula...she's a beauty), then headed back to Eastern Prom past the QM2 on the way. A wondurful PPPO was had at "FlatBread" yummy pizza and cold beer. It was a great day.

Here is a link to some pics I took. [http://www.kayakpics.com/gallery/qm2_100904]

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I really enjoyed the stretch along Cushing Island. I see the waves were 2.5 ' at 13 seconds (very long) when we were cruising (not cursing)through the rocks. A wave in the rocks took off my "Clearwater, FL" hat. Who knows, some one may see it there in the next few weeks and think it came up on a storm.

When we got back to Eastern Prop we saw the "man in Black"...but he was "out of uniform"

Oh ! my!...


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