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Remember paddling?


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Anybody remember kayaking? A lot of weird talking going on; I hope some of you still get out to paddle. I'd sure love to get out on the water and stop staring at this computer.

Anybody want to go out and look for a level 3 jaunt this weekend? I'd figure somewhere around Cape Ann...probably NOT looking for trouble, probably not surfing either, just some aesthetic exercise. I'd be willing to put in a long distance at a moderate pace if it works out. Waves ok, but wind will scare me off. Either day might work. (A sunday paddle won't necessarily preclude Adam's get-together...we could probably make it back in time.)

(Full unofficial show & go disclaimers...you are responsible for yourself, etc...but if you opt to show up without drysuit & suitable gear I'll opt not to go out with you.)

Respond to my home email....caseyjeff-at-comcast-dot-net.

Cheers, Jeff

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Who needs to get on the water when you can learn everything you need to know right here? :)

Healthy discussion is good, but paddling is better.

For me, working from home has lead to too much computer time along with too much time staring out the window at Puget Sound and dreaming.


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