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For what it's worth..


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I don't know if others are as tired as I am of seeing my name on the message board lately, but anyway, and for clarity's sake: An NSPN member recently created an account on this board using my name, then used a post, under my name, to make a few non-kayaking related points. I was to say the least p-o'd by the member's doing this, and contacted the member, who then apologized and defused the situation effectively.

I point the above out primarily because the views this member expressed under my name were NOT my views, were not generated by me, in fact were not mine in any way, shape, or form.

So for what it's worth: all that's been posted on the board this last week under my name has been mine excepting the post which lead to a long thread about all sorts of things I usually don't talk about, and which anyone who knows me would have realized couldn't have been generated by me.

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I thought the tone, writing style, and frequency of the posts were a bit unusual for for you; but who knew, the New England weather can make anyone crazy. An execution by paddle will be scheduled this w/e for the perp. :)


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