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Six foot swells! Winds over 25 knots.! Speeds over 6 knots! 20 miles of paddling!


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OK, well, we all had such a great time, that’s what it seemed like to us!

Launched from Greasy Pole at about 10:00 this morning. Paddlers included Patty P, KayaKaren JoanH, LisaH, NatM, Jack, and me. I rather doubt Jack knew what he was getting into, joining six women (ahem; six hot women! (well, it was 90* out there, we 'were' hot!))! We all tip our hats to him, however for being such a trooper even during our lunch break when talk turned a bit “girly”!

What a great day on the water! We paddled into the inner harbor, checked out some gorgeous yachts, then out to Ten Pound Island for lunch where we were joined by a very friendly Lab with questionable table manners! But he was sweet none-the-less!

We then headed for Eastern Point Lighthouse to take a brief afternoon siesta and enjoy the views from the jetty.

We headed back with following seas and even managed to do a bit of surfing on some of the bigger waves that seemed to have grown since our launch in the morning. Shouts of “Weeee!”, “WooHooo!”, an “Yippeee!” could be heard among us as we sailed back toward Greasy Pole. Or was that all coming from me? Hard to tell…

I had to be reeled back in by a patient PattyP as I was “in my groove” crossing the channel and managed to leave the rest of the group behind. Oops!

We arrived back at the beach and decided to finish the day off with ice cream from across the street. A swan joined us on the beach as we happily sat with our ice creams. I didn’t know they hung out on salt water.

They just don’t make days much better than this! I had a blast, and I do believe this is a unanimous opinion. Thanks ladies, and Jack for contributing to a fabulous day on the water.


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You couldn't have said it better Pat, it was probably the best day I've ever had on the water. Many whoopees from everyone. Loved those following seas. Even recruited a possible new member who was sitting on the beach, obviously envious of us all. The water was the warmest I've ever seen it here. Perfect Day! Thanks Patty, for putting it together.

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thought I missed a "prime" opportunity until I went to GOMOOS for a peek of the last 24 hours... Heck, I check for "swells" twice a day and still thought maybe I missed the "perfect storm" while playing at river rapids. Guess some of us are desperate for some of those conditions. Okay the "real deal" may be coming up later this week with Tropical Depression One.

Glad you folks had fun. It was a pretty warm day yesterday.


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Well done PatE. The paddle was awesome, and my co-paddlers were fantastic. It was a little rough going in the beginning for this 5 foot tall beginner, but, once I got my foot pegs adjusted from the 6' 6" paddler I borrowed the boat from, nothing could stop us! Oh...by the way Mike, your boat is great! Thanks!!

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