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Pondscum: Lake Cochituate 5-8-04


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Was out at the lake on Saturday. the water temp wasn't too bad. I didn't have a thermometer but I'd guess it's in the high 50s. I was doing some rolls and stuff with a drytop and wetsuit, and there was no problem. so the lake is definitely warming up and on a nice 80 degree day, I think it would be quite pleasant.

The one thing I want to bring to the attention of the club is that there is a yellow floating barrier across the entrance to the small tunnel that connects North Cochituate Lake with the other lakes. I couldn't figure out a way to get past it so we just paddled in the North lake. I'm not sure what the purpose is of this barrier but folks should be forewarned as it makes it difficult to get to the other lakes. Just FYI


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Well the barrier is there so that boaters do not pass through from lake to lake and it is assumed that one would not lift it or otherwise try to cross it. A milfoil infestation has been a big problem in the south lake for a few years and they are trying to have boaters use one region and not pass throughout the parts of the lake system until this can be corrected.

A google search of: Lake cochituate weeds

will point to a number of articles delving into greater detail.

As a club we can help the effort and our image by not crossing over or lifting and disturbing the barriers/nets in place.

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Guest guest

The barrier is to prevent a millfoil weed infestation from migrating into the North Pond from the Middle Pond by keeping power boats from going between them.

The yellow is probably pollen. At this time of year, lots of tree and other pollen is in the air and winds up in the lakes and ponds. It is scummy but harmless. Once pollen season is done it disappears.


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