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Weekend Surfing?

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is being predicted with a coastal low setting up southeast of us tommorrow through the weekend. I'm going out to play in the waves, either Saturday or Sunday, depending which seems best. If anyone one is interested in joining me, just email me and we'll figure out when and where. If early prediction holds of possible "double overhead", it looks like a short boat type of event.

Anybody going out should factor in their comfort level, skills and equipment, and should be fully prepared to self rescue, especially in the break zone.


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I'd be able to make it on Saturday. Where were you thinking to go?


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Hi Alan,

Still watching swell and wind direction and how "big" this thing is going to turn out. This along with your comfort level and mine will determine where. I'm also likely headed out to Nahant Friday AM, with someone who wants to try a short boat on smaller waves. The conditions are not supposed to peak yet then.

Email at dysmoy@aol.com. Lets keep an eye on the forcast and then make more definite plans.


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