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Rough Water Chalk Talk 11/23


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The Rough Water chalk talk will be held from 4:00 pm to around 7:30 or so Sunday, November 23, at Dee Hall's workplace in Burlington so that those who are attending Brian Nystrom's outfitting workshop in Waltham can join us (a fifteen minute drive). Bring $5 or so to buy pizza or put a posse together to take Suzanne Pritchett hostage and have her cook for us.

Directions to the classroom are:

Take route 3A North (off Route 128 in Burlington). Take a right onto Corporate Drive after less than 1/4 mile (at traffic lights across from Audi dealership.) Follow Corporate Drive to end at cul-de-sac with three office buildings. Park in lot on right. Walk to #25 and call (781)229-7812x200 to be let in.

If you would, please post your interest here or send me an email so we can plan on how many photocopies of the teaching materials to make and how many participants to expect.

Class description below.




Join NSPN at a chalk talk 11/23 (Sunday) at Dee Hall's offices in Burlington from 4:00 pm to roughly 7:30 pm as we discuss how to plan for and execute a roughwater trip, including rescues. We'll be drawing heavily on the lessons NSPN paddlers have learned from the past two on-water roughwater worksops.

The class will be fast-paced, varied, and informative, and will include group work, decision-making exercises, and the sharing of the knowledge and experiences of paddlers who have hit the rough water hard recently and been hit equally hard by it in return.

Topics to be covered include:

1. The differing challenges posed by wind-driven wave and offshore swell, and why one type of rough water can be more challenging to deal with than the other.

2. The most effective rescues to use and which to avoid in roughwater and higher winds (believe me, we have many ideas on this now, given what went down after two capsizes last weekend that put six paddlers on the rocks in less than ten minutes).

3. The importance of setting clear and specific rescue protocols with your group before leaving the put-in.

4. How to assure the safety of a group while a rescue is in process

5. How to execute two-rescuer rescues (i.e., victim, primary rescuer, and secondary rescuer using an upwind rope); how to execute three-rescuer rescues (i.e., victim, primary rescuer, secondary rescuer, and third rescuer, or "bulldog")

6. How to read coastlines "live", and charts beforehand, to anticipate where roughwater will occur relative to the current marine forecast.

7. How to make put-in and paddling direction decisions

8. How to keep warm while in the boat and while on breaks.

9. Radio shorthand to use to make rough water communications faster and clearer.

We'll also hear from several paddlers who capsized hard these past two weekends...

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I'm planning on coming.


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