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Well. Five of us met and headed out to the end of the Dogbar breakwater to be in position to see all the fancy NY yachts go by. (The cloudy skies caused me to put on my paddling jacket with a hood, for the first time since I bought it 2 years ago.) It was quite cool out.

We stopped on the way past Niles Beach to chat with folks who turned out to be from Hingham and wished them luck in beating the Yankees in the race. Learned that they were using VHF Channel 72 and a LOUD whistle blew before announcements were made, and that the race to Marblehead was to start at 11:00 AM.

So, out we went and arrived in position at 8:30 AM. (Bethany's back was bothering her and one foot was asleep, so I let her try my way-too-cool waterwings for thigh support. I think I have a convert.) It being too cold to sit there in the rain and wind we went outside the breakwater and paddled down to the Lighthouse and back. 9:00 AM and still no sign of action. Sanjay did some of his cool rolls. We checked out the starfish and sea urchins, traded paddles, etc. All right already - lets get this show on the road. It was POURING RAIN and the wind was picking up. (Glad I had the hood.)

A consult with another boat anchored near the Eastern Point Yacht club revealed that, yeah, there was a delay. Two of our number had to get to work so we headed in. Near Ten Pound Island the yachts finally started MOTORING out, some little ones being towed by the big committee boat. Well, big deal. Maybe if it had been a gorgeous day so we could have seen the boats (instead of rain drops on glasses and increasing fog) we would have been more impressed. To see them under sail would have meant paddling out and hanging around until 11:00, or whenever. Our mood had been, well, dampened.

So, back to the put in where all agreed that getting on the water is better than not. I learned some ASL from Sanjay, which would be good for all of us to learn and use for signalling on the water. After listening to Sanjay and I talk about how much fun it was, Suzanne and Christopher committed to doing the Blackburn next year. :-)))

I take full responsibility for the rain. I'm not going to try to pass the blame off on the CIA, British Intelligence or some flunky at the NSC. I forgot the umbrella.

Liz N.

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Geeezzzz....at least you were out paddling.

That's more than some of us did.

I was green with envy thinking about you guys watching the grand procession as the annual cruise boats progressed to the starting line.

It is a shame that the NYYC and the weather did not cooperate.

I'm sure the good companionship made up for the inclement conditions.

You still have another crack at watching the show.

Tomorrow from Marblehead they race in the Astor Cup before they head back home.

It should be a real scene.

Any takers?


Living to learn.

Romany White, Blue trim

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