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graphite paddle repair-advise needed


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Hi Karen,

It depends on how big a nick. Minor nicks and fraying are easily stopped with a thin coat of 5-minute epoxy. Cover with plastic wrap and smooth it out with your fingers. Several thin coats is better than one thick one. If the nick is big enough it can be patched with carbon fiber cloth (available from Jamestown Distributers and probably other other boat building supply houses), epoxy (probably not 5 minute for a harder finish) and the plastic wrap trick. You want to make the patch big enough to provide good support but not so large as to effect the balance of the blades. Less epoxy is more. Using the plastic wrap helps make it neat and minimizes sanding. If you have never done fiberglass repairs doing several practice runs on a piece of scrap wood or plastic will help you be ready for what will happen while you do the real thing. Give me a call if you want some help on it.

Good luck!


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