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Paddling Sunday 2/25

Kevin B (RPS Coach)

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>Any interest? Gerrish perhaps?

Are you thinking of leaving from the Portsmouth side and then meandering up the coast side of Gerrish to play amongst the rocks?

Gail and I are likely to paddle Sunday afternoon from Portsmouth.

Either going down the coast toward Rye from Odiorne or from Kittery and out along coast of Gerrish. If you and whomever go to Gerrish, we probably would launch from Kittery and wander about till we found you and would then observe the fun and games from a safe distance until it seemed time to land and have a brewup before heading back. I doubt we will make go/no-go decision until Sunday morning.

With forecasted winds seems to make sense to go out Northly and back Southerly which leans things toward Gerrish.

Ed Lawson

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High tide (Kittery Point) is 5:50PM, low is 11:52 AM.

I am available.

OOPS: no I'm NOT; CPR class at Gould Barn that day. Sorry for false alarm...

(I presume you meant Sunday the 25th)


"Alone,alone, all, all alone.

Alone on a wide wide sea..."


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Hey folks,

G can't make Portsmouth and no one else has confirmed (sad but true), so I most likely will stay local since G can make a later paddle. Wouldn't be the best idea to paddle around Gerrish solo during the winter. So I think we'll put in at Nahant in the early afternoon and paddle around the island and/or surf. Not sure of time, but it would be in the afternoon. Either post here or send me an email if you want to go. Usual SNG rules apply---read you are responsible for yourself.

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