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Cold weather breaks

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Yesterday at the rough water workshop we took a break to debrief after about 45 minutes on the water. It was barely above freezing and the wind was about 20kts, so many of us started to get cold. I had lots of warm stuff in my boat to put on during lunch, but it was in drybags so I didn't want to take it out for a short break.

I have plans and materials to build a waterproof, sunlight absorbing, body-heat reflecting cagoule. After this experience it is going to go inside my most accessible hatch outside of the drybags so I can throw it on during short breaks. I am also going to add mittens made of the same material and partially sewn into the arms of the cag.

What do others do for short breaks?

Dee Hall

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If it's not raining, I like to open my drysuit to accelerate drying my upper body. Until recently, I've been using a waterproof, med. weight, ski jacket with breathable fabric.

But now, I use a fantastic cover-up introduced to me by Jed Luby.

The "Jed-Cag" is a one-size-fits-all Cag made from heavy duty waterproof breathable material.

Rugged as hell, it's now standard issue on every trip.

...Mfg: RasDex

...Model: SealSuit

...Price: $145.00 ±

Click through: Accessories > Clothing

IMHO, because weather conditions vary significantly from trip to trip, flexibility is the key to comfort during a break. In addition to a cover up and an insulating seat cushion, I always have a dry bag with the following layering options:

**Fleece (depending on weather, heavy or medium)

**A warm, windproof hat



Living to learn.

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I have an over-sized nylon windbreaker that I can put on over drysuit, PFD, and all. I usually leave my PFD on, a good 2 inches of insulation around my core. An insulating pad or Crazy Creek chair helps to prevent heat loss from sitting on the ground. And I usually have a second pair of gloves (if I'm wearing neoprene) to put on after lunch.

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