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SNG Gerrish Island Circumnavigation Sat 10/28 or Sun 10/29

Kevin B (RPS Coach)

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have a great time! pints at docs? niiiiicee.

if you get the chance to paddle with, watch or listen to either fiona or nigel, i'd recommend it highly.

2 stories

few years ago during 5* training fiona had us ferrying across the inside passage of pehnwryn mawr (we dubbed it chicken run) and so okay, set the blade, angled the hull and crossed in rather slick fashion, i thought. i get back and she says something like "ya - that was okay but can you do it with any power and not like a delicate flower " and then sets her angle and just motors across the same gap in about a quarter the time. yeaaaahhhh....she's rather keyed in.

few weeks ago we're coming back along a rather nasty, lumpy piece of water (seriously...it was sketchy) and one of the fella's got a bit farther out than was prudent and got a bit twitchy realizing the spot he was in....nigel was probably 30-40 feet away and yet was besides that man so fast i think he freakin' teleported himself. it was one of the most subtle, amazing things i've never seen...i have no idea how he got there that fast. pretty sure he used magic.

so yeah. watch em. they're worth being around.

and...if you get the chance to try to convince nigel that jack-a-lopes roam the west, that'd be good...wait til he's had a pint or two.

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