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"...Never shame to hear what you have nobly d

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as he would never blow his own horn...that's what kayak peep's are for...

this past weekend, despite sharks, kraken and furious sea states, nspn's own ciro de la vega passed his bcu 4 star assessment.

we will now have to amend the rule "never be down wave of ciro. he is very heavy" to "never be down wave of ciro. he is very heavy...and accomplished"


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Given Ciro's reputation, I guess the assessors had to call up a Kraken or two as reinforcements.

Nice job, Ciro: 4 Star is a real accomplishment that I know you've worked hard to achieve.


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bcu handbook calls for battling single kraken for 4 star assessment and then the soothing of multiple kraken on 5 star. more of a zen thing in line with the whole being in harmony with the water/weather thing.

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>Nicely done Ciro!

>I thought Krakens only came out for the 5 star assesment?

Rick actually meant "Crack!"-ing, the sound a fibreglass boat makes as the bow of another punches through the side.

There were at least three boats holed last week, as well as one boat whose hull separated from the deck when it was dropped from a car roof rack onto pavement. One of the boats was holed during my 4* assessment, and the hole was in an assessors boat. Needless to say, it was an interesting week. Trip report and pictures to follow shortly.

Thanks to everyone for your kind words - now stop it, you're embarrassing me... :)


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