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Solar storm

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A solar flare even bigger than last week's is headed our way. It is likely to distrupt satelitte communications such as GPS. Since the weather is so lousy here, I can't imagine anybody relying on their GPS today. I have also read that we may be able to see some really nice Northern Lights tonight. Since I have never observed them before, maybe I will head out to Rockport or Gloucester. Anybody interested in hooking up? How about advice on where best viewing might be?

Dee Hall

Impex Currituck, Blue over Ivory

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If it's dark, without cloud cover, just look toward the north.

Pick a spot away from city lights.

They generally appear as wispy veils of light across the sky.

Occasionally, depending on conditions, you see colors (blue, green, red).

It's a spectacular sight.


Living to learn.

Romany White, Blue trim

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I spent years looking at them. Find a dark spot with no city lights, look up and watch. Usually they are green, but they can be other colors. If you are lucky you will see a 'curtain of light' that will dance, shift, and change intensities for hours. They are very unusual this far south so take advantage of the opportunity.



Traffic Yellow over White

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Sounds altogether too romantic for a group outing... should be planned around a good bottle of red wine.

Maybe this would best be viewed from the water.

Did you know that Aphrodite, the GODDESS OF LOVE was born of sea foam and is the protectress of sailors? I suppose we could stretch this to kayakers.

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I just ate dinner on Mt. Ann 7:30-8:30ish while watching great red fans and whitish-green rays spread and disappear, reappear in new configurations and fade. I have been to Alaska twice, the Northwest Territories and the Yukon and finally saw the Northern Lights in Glosstah. Go figure.


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