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Marblehead - Saturday, November 1st - SNG


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Hmmmmmm, November 1st - Highs in the mid-70s in MA.

We're planning a SNG out of Marblehead this Saturday at 9:30 to accomdate those who want to get out or may have not gotten into Scott's rough water class this time around.

Forecasts are calling for incredibly high November temperatures - mid 70s! Water/wind conditions are calling for:

Sat: SW Wind 10 to 15 kt. Seas 2 to 4 Ft.


We're putting in at 9:30am and will plan the trip to comfortable water conditions. We'll keep the SNG to no higher than mid-level 3 conditions.

If this wind is too strong we'll stay more in the sheltered harbored areas. Routes out of Marblehead are practically endless: over to Misery for lunch, circumvent Salem Harbor, over to Tinkers, etc.. etc...

We'll determine the route when we get there and by consensus.

Despite the hot air temperature the water will be COLD. So of course, appropriate gear should be worn.

I am planning on wearing the new drysuit and getting wet!

Directions to put-in from our board:

Riverhead Beach/ Deveraux Beach-Take Route 128 to exit 25, Route 114 east to Marblehead. Take a right on Ocean Ave at the Fire Station. Follow Ocean Ave to where you can see the beach parking lot in front of you. As the horizon opens on your right, Deveraux Beach will be dead ahead and Riverhead will be on your left (very small driveway).

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