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NSPN Northwest Outpost is open for business!!


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Just a reminder to those of you that enjoy winter paddling, but remember last winter and spring as an unpleasant time for such an activity.

The NSPN Northwest Outpost is open for business ALL WINTER. So far I've had 3 visitors in the 2.5 months here. After Xmas, the flights will be cheaper, so start planning now. I have an extra boat and all the gear that goes with it. All you need to bring is a wet/drysuit and your sense of adventure. If more than one of you come along, I now have connections for decent rental boats(Impex) and gear through George Gronseth @ The Kayak Academy here in Seattle.

If you want a great moving water class (Kayak Academy), we have Deception Pass (5-8 knots)that I can arrange as a semi private or group lesson. Don't stop learning just because it's winter!!!!!!!!

Why freeze your asses off this winter? The Northwest might be a little wetter, but much warmer and the off season rates for travel and lodging are great.


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It's true . . . After a summer of waterlogged weekends, I decided it was time for some sun, so of course, I headed for Seattle and there was Bob and a Gulfstream and a fabulous day . . . the weirdest thing though . . . after the paddle, when I got out of my boat, I was still dry!

Thanks Bob for a terrific day - It was great to see you!


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