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From The Walden "Pond Scum"

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(Tried to post this for Turner on the original thread but it would not take. So, a new thread was required...)

Speaking for my fellow Pond Scum, It was great to have so many people show up this past Saturday, curious to know more about Greenland qajaq techniques. As Sing rightly suggests, the next step is practice, practice, practice! Nothing substitutes for qajaq time! One of the Walden group IS usually at the Pond at some point, especially on weekends now, as the park rules and daylight prohibit after work access until April or so. We use the Pond until they close it, and start to use it again when it opens in March.

It might be useful for all of you who were there on Saturday to send me your e-mail address, and home address, and I will compile them for distribution to one another. I can be e-mailed at: h2o@wilsturn.net This way you can buddy up and train with other folks more local to you, or you can get in touch with one of us directly.

And the other key is investigating resources. A magnificent resource needs to be mentioned here and now. The QajaqUSA website.


*There are gateway links on the home page for:

*Qaannat Kattuffiat Competition Rules

*Qajaq USA Membership Newsletter, the MASIK [summer 2003 issue now available (08/27/03)]

*Board & Staff Bios

*Mailing List Events

*Greenland Kayaking Forums

*Greenland Kayaking Techniques

*Video Clips (09/13/03)

*Competition Rolling List [Greenland Terms Added!]

*Kayaks, Paddles, Gear

*Audio Glossary

*Culture & History Photo Gallery


*Site Map

As you can see, you can plug into this site at any level of interest and find plenty of information. The Walden group wishes all these resources were available when we started having fun with these techniques three years ago! If you have not discovered this site, please take a look, and please also consider becoming a member. The annual dues are quite reasonable and the information is both quite comprehensive, and constantly expanding.

Kasuuta! (Cheers!)

Turner, on behalf of The Walden Pond Scum

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