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As you may have noticed, we have a new web site. We hope you enjoy it!

The new site is the result of the efforts of several dozen dedicated NSPNers who have volunteered their time over the last 10 months. Our volunteers represented members new and old, skill levels novice to advanced.

The site is about 95% complete. We still need to fine tune a few things and fix a few typos. We appreciate all of your patience during this transition. If you see an error that if factual or a typo, please let me know by sending an email to: Lisa@nspn.org

If you have an idea about an enhancement to the site, please also send me an email:

Lisa@nspn.org. Our web committee will review enhancement ideas for 2004.

In the mean time, please join me in thanking the following people for their efforts that have transformed a few ideas into a reality!

Chris Perkins: for the initial NSPN web site.

Mike Sabin: for his care and maintenance of the original site, our message board and his continued guidance during the development of the new site.

The Web Team Volunteers: Suzanne Pritchett, Cathy Foley, Deb Dempesy, Jim Brayden, Leslie Beale, Chad Carter, David Lewis, Sean Noonan, Tori Cranner who spent hours meeting, researching, updating, proofing and so much more!

The 2003 Board of Directors: Jim Brayden, Mike Crouse, Kim Flint, Richard Beckham, Buddy Hogan, Patty Phelan, Deb Dempesy, Karen Gladstone, Liz Neumeier, Bob Baldridge and Rick Crangle who voted in favor of the new site (and funding it), proofed the new site and provided patience and support for all of those involved.

The Photograph Volunteers including: Richard Njarian, Deb Dempesy, Jill Aaron, Shane Smith and Roberta Williams

The Lettuce Design Web Team including Debbie Martel and Zack Lemear who designed and constructed the site.

Thanks to all of you.

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