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Blackburn results for paddled boats


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As Nathalie and I were leaving the beach/finish line to paddle back to our cars he was heading for the finish line. The announcer was yelling at him to "hurry up - we are waiting for you" because they wanted to finish giving out the awards.

I don't know his actual time but it had to be well over 5 and maybe over 6 hours. He looked exhausted. He was wearing a hat and booties, I assume to offset his hands being in our refreshing water the whole time.

Why anyone would want to do long distances like that is beyond me: face down on a board, lifting your head only occasionally to look around - hopefully in time to not crash into a rock or boat, impossible to really keep track of boat traffic or be seen in that position.

Liz N.

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I was wondering if he was there this year. We didn't see him at the beginning of the race which a couple of us observed from the Annisquam, or at the end as we left just before you did, Liz, to put the boats back on the cars.

He did the Essex River Race in 2006 and it was pretty remarkable to see him paddle. He also was in the Blackburn last year -- or the Blackburn that wasn't -- and came in pretty early but then, so did everyone else.

I guess he takes the idea of "hand paddled craft" literally, eh?

Deb M

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He wouldn't happen to be handicapped in some way, would he? I wonder if he seeks the workout for the endurance in his arm muscles or something.... I imagine paddling with your arms in that position would be similar to a wheel chair... just a thought...I obviously didn't see him myself...

Anyway, I admire people that push themselves like that....Like the father-son team that run the boston marathon every year (dad pushes son in wheelchair). Personal reasons for doing things vary...kudos to him whatever his goals are. :)

I'll stick to paddling leisurely for now. Still got a lot to learn. Wish I saw the race, bet it was a great photo opp!

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>He wouldn't happen to be handicapped in some way, would he?

No. Paddleboard racing is a big sport in Oz, Hawaii and some on the West Coast. They do compete in even longer races, e.g. 32 miles of the Molokai.

Last year one paddleboard competed and he was allowed to set off early - hence he wasn't stopped by the CG and he was one of the few to complete the full course - in fog.

There were two guys that did the Blackburn on paddleboards this year, and what is even more impressive is that their boards are slow and not even racing models.

(that said, both boards had 'For Sale' signs on them at the beach)

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