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Folding 3-Legged Kayak Rack?


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I've been trying to find something I've seen at boat shows, but must have the terminolgy wrong. What I'm looking for is as stated in the subject...a three-legged, folding rack on which to support a boat. The idea is to have something on which the boat would be held steady while performing maintenance, cleaning, line-rigging, etc. either upright, or upside down (for work on the bottom of the hull). I've searched here, on paddling.net, and on REI, and must be using the wrong terminology. I imagine someone on this board either knows of or has this type of rack, and might be able to direct me to a source.

Alternatively, I have two high-tech plastic/aluminum sawhorses, but have not been able to get the boat in in steady position on those. Any suggestions (other than foam blocks which I've tried) would certainly be welcome.

thanks much - JG

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I think what you are looking for is the talic sea horse kayak racks--Pam Browning told me about these racks several years ago--and now I have 3 sets for my three boats--I use them all year --you can take them with you b/c they store in your back hatch-easy to move with boat on rack-expensive yes, but I have my first pair that I brought four years ago and honestly, look almost new--I've never seen these racks on the market used b/c people get and keep them--paddling net sellls them--if you have a coupon the price is 10% off--if you have any more questions you can email me at lbealeatspfldcoldotedu--hope this is helpful to you--les

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Les - Perfect! Exactly what I was after. Of course, once I thought about it a bit, three legs would never do, it'd have to be four, and that's what the Talic Seahorse has. Thanks - JG

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i use a set of pvc ones i made up after finding them on the following site: http://www.sopsa.org/Article_Stand.htm

simple....VERY stable.....the webbing cradles the boat holding it in place very nicely.....

i did use 2" pvc to be certain that they would hold up my long boats as well as the surf boats.....cost about 25$ or so and about 30 minutes construction......


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