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Soundbite Fame!


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NECN (New England Cable Network) showed up at CRCK last night (reporter Moroney and cameraguy), wanting color for a hot weather spot. While Cetus-sitting I was thrown a curve by asking how I rationalized exercising on such a high-pollution day. I gave 'em about 45 seconds of crap about how evaporative cooling near the water's surface keeps the air denser and cooler so that aerobic activity is much safer than jogging on a street...or even sailing.

Later on Moroney thanked me for supplying more than just the usual "gee it's hot" shots they've been getting. I told 'em I'm not really a sound bite kinda guy....

So I stayed up to see RD Sahl head off the news at midnight, and then there I am, long shot with boat and sunglasses, fully anonymous, cut down to 5 sec, blathering something about how paddling is a good aerobic activity. Oh well....

But minutes later, there's a full head shot of Suz, smiling away, spouting about how "being anywhere near water is fun!", knowingly batting those gorgeous eyes. Heck, she even got a full byline!

Soundbites...only shows to go ya!

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Yup, I caught a bit of that story too while channel-surfing and roasting in front of a window fan at around 9pm. I stop clicking to watch someone in a whitewater boat practicing what looked like a high brace/scull and then it cuts to Suz looking all too comfortable in front of the camera. Perhaps a future in watersports news reporting is in the making........ Hope to see you again on the small screen, Suz.


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My neighbors called me this morning to let me know they saw me on the news.I never expected I would be on otherwise I might have watched it! Instead I fell asleep in front of the fan in a heat stupor.

Ernie looked so much more interesting in the Metal Flake Cetus...


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