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Solstice Paddle This Sunday! A reminder.


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This is a reminder that the NSPN Solstice paddle will be this Sunday at Riverhead/DevereauxBeaches in Marblehead.

For all the info., go to the calendar section.

This is a traditional NSPN event, a group paddle followed by a pot luck cookout in a open air paviliion on the beach. It's a great opportunity for new and old members to meet, paddle and eat (the Holy Trinity of NSPN) Bring good food. NSPN has high culinaary standards! (one of the first things I learned when I joined.) Its also one of the several opportunities for the whole club to get toogether.

There will be a level 2 trip launching at 10AM, a level "2+" (going a bit further out of Marblehead Harbor) launching at 11:00, and an informal level 3 trip launching at 10:30. The level 3 is a show & go format posted on the Private Trips forum of the message board, but the level 2 trips are official NSPN trips posted on the calendar , so you will need to sign up if you're interested.

Looking forward to seeing old friends and meeting new ones at this fun event!

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And don't forget...if for some reason you can't paddle Sunday, just meet us at the cook out part! Especially new members that may not have accumulated all their gear to be sea worthy yet, but want to get to know us for future trips!!! This (and the x-mas party) tend to be a the chance to see us en-mass! ...plus any excuse to add up summer cook outs to attend, right?!

I think the calendar says the cook out should commence at about 4 in the afternoon, under the pavillions at Deveraux... Rain or Shine! :)

PS - Is anybody already planning to bring a grill? I've got some stuff to bring to grill, was wondering if bringing ours would be overkill?

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Could someone describe the plans for the level 2 and 2+ trips in more detail -- planned routes and alternatives. I think it would help relatively new folks to choose, and even many experienced but less active paddlers (like my wife).

In past years, the level 2 trip has been in pretty much protected water, say out to Brown Island and Dolliber Cove. That makes it a nice intro to salt water paddling for someone whose experience so far is on lakes.

Thanks. --David.

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The level 2 trip will be exactly as you describe, staying close to the protected waters of Marblehead Harbor, with stops at Brown Island, and a total of 5-6 Nautiaal Mies. The level 2+ paddle will be out of Marblehead Harbor over to the Willows and back, another stop at the friendsship in Salem harbor aong the way. Exactly like last years level 2+ trip , which was led by Liz Neumeier, who will be an assistant leader on this trip. If there's wind and windy and the water's bumpy, we will shorten the paddle(s) , or otherwise adjust as conditions dictate.

We will be trying for all three trips to meet at the end for an informal, optional & fun skills session, probably close to the launch site in Marblehead Harbor.

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Thanks, Peter. I got confused because the calendar says 6-10 miles for the level 2. There's no 6 miles you can go from Devereaux and stay in protected water, and even less so 10 miles, unless you circle around a lot. ;-)))

Anyway, that's perfect... thanks!


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>Is there ample and obvious parking?



Hi Brian. As you come to the put in, there will paid parking on the right. That is for the beach. We park on the left where the boat ramp is located. Often, the parking guards from the beach side come over and tell us we have to pay. However, we remind them that we are using the public boat ramp to launch and that parking is free.

I cannot vouch for how much space there will be. I have not had trouble in the past, but our launch time is closer to midday than early. Maybe someone else can fill you in.


Eddyline Nighthawk


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