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Paddling in and about Castine, ME


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Do you know of some good (gentle) paddling in the Castine area. We are staying there the last week in July. We're just going to have to miss the DNC chaos - what a shame!

I am a more experienced and able paddler than I am willing to admit (just don't watch me entering and exiting my kayak, please!) - have been 'forced' into Level 3 occasionally due to circumstance and thrived; my partner is newer and survived a 5-day Gulf Islands trip last summer with some 'excitement' included.

Anyway, we'll appreciate any tips OR if any group activity is planned for that area from July 25-July 30, please let us know before July 23.



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You don't need to drive..... join MITA which will provide access to several private islands in the Bagaduce. Bureau of Public Lands runs a great wildlife sanctuary over on Holbrook Island.

There is another great reservation required private island north of North Haven easily reachable from Castine as well as a public island. Stretch across is a little more demanding if the sea breeze is up.

Ben Fuller

Cushing Maine

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