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Great Pond Shoreline Clean-up, Sat June 2

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The Kingston NH Lake Association is having a shoreline clean-up of Great Pond on Saturday, June 2 from noon to 3:00 p.m. Any volunteers from NSPN would be greatly appreciated.

The Association is also asking for voluntary inspection of boats prior to launch and after landing in an effort to keep exotic plant species out of the lake. They will have volunteers on the boat ramp every weekend and a paid employee during the week.

Water temp was 71 degrees at the state park beach today.

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As it is I'm working that day but I will look forward to meeting whom ever they have to inspect boats.

I wonder if they will be well recieved, I hope so. I'm going over there this morning for some practice. Friday I got off the water just in time to see the arrival of two huge speed boats from a Plaistow boat racing place. Looked like the equivalent of NASCA on the water, complete with all the stickers and sponsers etc....can't imagine what they would want with such a small lake ...I mean it would take them like 30 seconds to cross the lake, if that.

Hope that was just a fluke, it certainly isn't the norm, at least off season.

Looking forward to that 71 degree water !

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