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One for the booth or one MORE for the booth?

I'll be there with the brochures & stuff, would welcome company, but we definately have a bigger need for safety boats...

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Last year we had only two in the water, and even though it rained and was a bit blustery we were ok. Maybe if the weather's better the turnout will be higher, however.

See you there.


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Sunday, June 10th, Time: 11:00AM - 3:00PM

Location: Horn Pond, Woburn, MA

lunch was provided last year

Booth: Heidi & Suwin

Water: Brian, Joao, Galen & Ernie

Two more paddlers needed in case its a beautiful day and therefore packed!

Please come! its a fun day and REI tends to offer freebies and/or coupons for volunteers!

Bring radios to coordinate with each other if you have them. I'll bring the NSPN stuff (brochures/banner/hats/stickers) for the booth...

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Add Deb M to the water list... Thanks Deb! :)

Just one more... Come on, you know you want to join in the fun...! :)

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