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acquiring a greenlander paddle


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I have a regular kayak (P@H) but am intrigued by the greenlander paddle, but not yet all the cult like specialized interest in skni Greenlander kayaking. Websites say Ishould make my own paddle, or order one from a skilled craftsman (a number of websites). Does anyone know if/where one might walk in somewhere to oder/buy one? Or has one to sell? Or has a preferred suggested web based source for ordering one? Thanks. Reply back channel :



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IIRC New England Small Craft stocks a few GPs and I've occasionally seen them in other places. The reason that most people recommend making your own or ordering one is that GPs are made to fit the body dimensions of person using them. While certain stock sizes will work for most people, custom sizing is the norm.

There are a lot of GP users in the club, so perhaps you can borrow one if you run into someone at a club activity. Most GP users are more than willing to help convert people to the "dark side". ;-)

If you decide to try making your own, there are instructions online and I've written a book on the subject. A good source for information about Greenland paddling is the Qajaq USA website: www.qajaqusa.org

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I second the Don Beale choice. He made me a very fine paddle, advised as to the dimensions that would work for me, refused payment until I was sure I was happy with it. I was very pleased to meet him last year at the PNW greenland kayaking symposium where he volunteered to teach everyone how to make a paddle.

You won't go wrong ordering from Don.


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