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New Kayaker Workshop, Huge Success!


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A day late and worth the $20.00!

Though I am new to kayaking I have have great experience in the water from rescues to teaching survival and using pleasure crafts.

I now know what I already thought - I AM NO KAYAKER! - YET.

I would like to thank all of the spotters and other newbies who stuck out their necks and humility and tried everthing that could be done in a two hour session.

To single out anyone would be a symptom of what I have been reading on this forum for the past few months. Individualism.

As this was my first pool session I saw a group of people, of varying skills and personalities come together as one with a single goal: Enjoy kayaking and pass on what you know when you can.

As I have a new found respect for being the student again I can't thank those enough who took their time to bring equipment, knowledege and a smile to help others.

I'll try- THANKS!!!

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