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Prototype multi-stick


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Just messing around and came up with a simple, inexpensive solution (maybe-yet untested!)to having the required single white light for night paddling. A 28" CPVC "plastic" plumbing pipe with all the fixtures can securely hold my 360 degreee C-LIGHT. An adapter can accomodate a glow stick for group paddling. The stick is wedged in a vertical position between paddler's back and PFD. During daytime travel, for increased visibility, a large balloon (doesn't everyone have one in their day hatch?) can be tied to the tether atop the stick, flopping about as you paddle. Remove the bottom cap, and alert others with a trumpet like blast through the tube. See pix and captions at http://good-times.webshots.com/album/558917191SxHfjK.

Not the best solution I'm sure, and as yet unsure how the rigid tube against one's back will feel over time/distance. Stick stores securely in cockpit and cost $1.80 plus cost of 10' pipe (already had one), C-LIGHT ($12), glow-stick (You already have one-$2.50) and balloon ($0.40). Comments? What do others use for a running light?


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I think it looks too much like a pipe bomb for the Boston area.

But I’m always happy to see someone else’s PVC designs.

I found these completely submersible colored LED lamps at the Billerica Kmart last year.



The Delrin clamps were too much for my tender ear lobes so I’m thinking about having them pierced and modifying the lamps with stainless hooks instead of plastic clamps.

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