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Waltham 4/28 pool update: lots of last-minute room!


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As of now (Wednesday 4/25), cancellations have opened FOUR spaces for this Saturday's pool session. Lots of room in the pool!

Are cancellations a sign that Spring has finally sprung? Don't be too sure about that. A note to those of you who may be getting too much fresh air up your noses lately: Saturday's weather forecast calls for rain, and water temps out there are still frigid ... but the Waltham pool climate is reliably fair and tropical.

We also need a spotter for Saturday. Any volunteers?

If you're interested in paddling or spotting, please contact me via email at: winter_hill at hotmail dot com.


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As of now, there are still two paddling slots available (Phil and his wife took the other two). If you're interested in coming, the best way to arrange it today is to contact me by phone (617-623-5535) rather than email. I'm home but may not get to the phone before the answering machine does (there are ladders and lots of plaster dust involved, you don't want to know), so leave a message if I don't pick up and I should get back to you almost immediately.


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