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Looking for long-term Flat-water Kayaking, Rafting Buddies


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Hi, I am living around North Shore area and it is really nice to find this paddlers network. I used to do lots photography, camping, travel and other outdoor activities. Last year, I develop the new hobby(kayaking) and right now want to pour more time and money in it even I am still a beginner. My focus would be flat-water kayaking, rafting with kayak, I to III white-water, camping for kayaking trip and other fun water activities.

While I am a responsible, fit, easy-going, open-mind person, and also a really good outdoor activity organizer, I have been frustrated with that I had big problem finding a buddy for kayaking trip among friends with similar culture background in Boston area. You know, for safety or convenience reason, one person is no good. That’s why I am coming here to search kayaking buddies with similar hobbies, beginner or intermediate, active (kayaking at least twice each month), couples or singles, a little interest about Asian culture, like to develop long-term good friendship.

Please leave a note here if you have the interest. Thanks.


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Please come to our "New to Kayaking Workshop" tomorrow morning! :)

Check our calendar page for details...

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