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New Islands


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Open Google Maps and paste into the search box:

1 barcliff ave ext, chatham, ma

This will reveal the location of the web cam at the Chatham Fish Pier. Tern Island is a thousand feet or so to the northeast. The webcam image looks directly at and beyond Tern Island where you can see the waves breaking. Switch Google Maps to the satellite view and zoom out enough to see both the Fish Pier and Nauset Beach. The new break at Nauset is on a line of sight from the Fish Pier directly over Tern Island.

It appears on the satellite image (years old) as a light sandy area with little vegetation. Zoom in and you can see the two groups of summer homes The Cape Cod Times refers to.

I believe this will be a major disruption to Chatham Harbor and property owners with newly revealed exposure to the open ocean. There is no reason to believe water leaving Pleasant Bay will prefer the long tortured path it has previously followed through Chatham Harbor. Diminished ebbs in the existing navigation channel will soon cause it to fill in with sand just like the former passage at South Beach.

It’s already a major disruption at my place because it looks like I won’t be able to take the Winnebago to Nauset Beach any more. But it was great fun while it lasted.

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Is there legal parking on Cow Yard Lane? I used to launch my kayak from Claflin Landing off Shore Rd and today I noticed new signs "No Parking on Either Side". It seems as though it gets harder and harder to find parking near the water as time passes, even with local knowledge.

The break in the barrier island is getting wider and it is shallow. There were large breaking waves there today at high tide and a line of surf from the far end of the island over to South Beach off the lighthouse. The outlet from the harbor near the lighthouse is shoaling up, too, hence the messy water, a bit like a washing machine with breaking waves. It looks like it might be hard for boats to get out of the harbor this year if it keeps shoaling up. Interesting to see the changes over the years.

A trip around the new island would be interesting, but the currents are swiftly moving there and the surf can be treacherous. It would not be a trip for the faint of heart or less experienced paddler.


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