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Creating foot bumps in a whitewater boat?

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Ok, G and I have two WW boats with cramped foot space (most due, but these are severe). I've heard that you can create foot bumps (basically reverse depressions in the deck of the kayak) to make room for your feet. Has anyone done this and if so, how do you do it?

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I was up at KTP today (Sun) and was talking it over with one of the folks up there.

Though I don't know what boats you have, she did add a word of caution.

To her understanding when you look at various WW boats the plastic or (whatever it is) is not uniformly the same thickness throughout.

It is thicker in some areas, probably the underneath, thinner on the hull. Though she was not familar with people reshaping the hull she thought that you would be working on the section that already is at it's thinnest... so whether some integrity problems might be an issue as a result might be something to consider.

I just bought a "Lil Joe" for general WW and surfing ..listed as a River Runner. ...when I look inside at the foot area I noticed that they got some more foot room by making it lower for your heels, not exactly an option afterwards.

You might just get away with wearing some generic speedos for your feet..no not those bathing suits..well... er... you could... but that might be more infomation than we care to know....

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