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Great Feedback from our Yoga Instructor:


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Hey guys! I wanted to share this with my fellow sore people. Gin, our instructor had a blast with us. I'd like to say on a personal note that I never knew Carl was so bendy!!!! I was impressed! And Brian vowed he'd never make fun of yoga again, after he crawled out to his car :)

Oh and Peter I think you left your pants there. No comment.

Email from Gin:


You and Kevin work with a great group of people. Everyone was such a trooper, willing to try new things and have fun with it as well. I hope that the class was received well and that you and those you have spoken with got something out of it. I'm interested in hearing any feedback, so that I can work to make this kind of gathering even better!

Someone left a pair of forest green LLBean pants. Let me know how you want to get them to their owner.

Thanks again to you and Kevin for asking me to do the workshop.


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Great idea - I was going to follow up with her anyway. this yoga stuff is actually good!

Still feeling some pain, however. Ow.

And, forget standing in a kayak - who will do the first Tree Position??


P&H Capella 163

Red/White/Black trim

NDK Explorer


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I thought Gin was great. I would appreciate some sort of regular yoga workshop, if others are interested. Yoga has been prescribed to me by a couple of kayak instructors.

I'm close enough to Newburyport to be part of something regular.

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