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Pro stripe tape


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A roll is around $50, I think, way more tape than I need, so I was hoping to get a few strips at the end of somebody's roll. Going threeway or fourway on a purchase would work for me. if Brian is interested we have three. A fourth or maybe fifth person would work better for me.

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I'm looking for the textured black 4" tape that is most commonly applied as a protective layer on kayak decks where scuffing is most likely to occur ( where spare paddles are stowed etc).

I think it only comes in black.

I need to apply it to a small area where I grip and push off of the back deck when hoisting myself out of my (small) ocean cockpit. That's why I needed only a small amount.

4" is the recommended width.

P&H boats, by the way, have a cool little textured area on the back deck at just the spot where I need to apply this tape.

When applied thoughtfully, it looks very nice. It could look quite sharp, Gary, on the orange deck of your boat, now that I think about it.


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Aaah, no criticissm of your boat by any means. I have paddled with you in the fog, and must say that orange is a nice color to have around when you hear the sputtering of lobster boats but can't see them....

I was just musing that a black and orange color motif is cool. (Maybe because I grew up a Cleveland Browns fan , and was always fond of those raw umber (almost black) jerseys and orange helmets.

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