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Exposure and Hypothermia

Guest _rick

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Guest _rick

A gentle reminder to all as Spring approaches. The water is fri**** cold!!!!

That being said. Please take a look see at this

Your body can cool down 25 times faster in cold water than in air. Water temperature, body size, amount of body fat, and movement in the water all play a part in cold water survival. Small people cool faster than large people and children cool faster than adults.

This chart is for a person in street clothes your results may vary. Lets hope....

Temp Exhaustion Survival time

32.5 Under 15 min. <15 - 45min

32.5 - 40 15 - 30 min. 30 - 90 min

40 - 50 30 - 60 min. 1 - 3 hours

50 - 60 1 - 2 hours 1 - 6 hours

60 - 70 2 - 7 hours 2 - 40 hours

70 - 80 3 - 12 hours 3 - Indefinite

Over 80 Indefinite Indefinite

1. Mild Hypothermia - the person feels cold, has violent shivering and slurred speech.

2. Medium Hypothermia - the person has a certain loss of muscle control, drowsiness, incoherence, stupor and exhaustion.

3. Severe Hypothermia - the person collapses and is unconscious and shows signs of respiratory distress and/or cardiac arrest probably leading to death.

There are other things besides getting chilled to the bone you need to worry about. On initial exposure people have had heart attacks or inhaled a bunch of seawater. Probably the worst part is when you think your are going to be ok and have been successfully pulled from the sea -- you have a thaw out heart attack. There is much more than the icecream headache to worry about.

Please be safe.

Your neighborhood harbormaster

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