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Jet skiers kick up wake of worry on Mystic River


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This article was in todays Globe. http://tinyurl.com/e7kvd

I live close to the lower mystic lake and have definitely noticed that in the last couple of years there have been many more jet skiers making it up to the lake. The speed around the lake and I have also seen them going pretty fast on the river to the lake; throwing out large wakes. Apart from the safety issue (which I think is serious) I cant imagine the wake they throw off is good for the river banks and the various wildlife that inhabits them. Not to mention the noise which is considerable.

If they are banned from the upper lake, is there also a case to ban them from the lower lake and even the river ? Can you make a distinction between them and other motorized boats ?


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Having lived and paddled there for 4 years, you will have a very hard time getting jet skiers or motorized boats banned from the lower lake. The community feels having the upper lake set aside for non-motored craft serves the purpose well for both sailors, paddlers and the motor boating community.

I know some of the jet skiers drive irresponsibly fast on that lake, but stay out of the way and use the big wakes for practice!

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