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Repair kits?


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I'm trying to assemble something a bit more comprehensive for my repair kit than a bunch of duct tape wrapped around a Naglene bottle. Does anyone have suggestions for a reasonable repair kit to take on a multi-day outing?

Thanks in advance,


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Leatherman (knockoff) with interchangeable screwdriver bits including hex drivers

Small Visegrips - pliers, wrench, clamp all in one

Aquamend underwater epoxy putty, 2 oz. stick I found at Home Depot.

WD-40 pen

Zipper wax

Miscellaneous stainless hardware, machine screws, washers, fender washers, and nuts, metric and English

Drybag repair kit

Cable ties, assorted lengths 4-11"

Rubber bands

Nylon cord

1/8" bungie

Duck tape

Small caribiner

Extra Keeper pedal (in boat)

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