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Odiorne to Rye Saturday April 27th

David M

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This trip is on.

   Post below if you're interested.

   Complete the trip signup form https://forms.gle/G9A6u5cJwKzQDhSd7


  Odiorne State Park Boat Launch (Seavey Creek and 1A Bridge)

      OdiorneTrailMap_web.aspx (nhstateparks.org)

   BIB 10:30am

   Return to launch ~3pm


We'll paddle south in the direction of Rye Harbor.  Lunch stop will be in Rye Harbor or one of the beaches along the way. Trip length will be ~10nm. 

Special Considerations:

   Sea Kayak with bulkheads. Spray skirt.

   Dress for immersion. DRY SUITS REQUIRED

Point Forecast: 

   Variable winds 5 kt or less. Mostly sunny. Seas 1 ft or less.


   Air: 50s   H2O: 45 degrees


Low Tide 7:57 AM EDT 0.18 ft
High Tide 2:13 PM EDT 8.03 ft
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I'm in. I was there today and there are now portapotties. I'd be in either way but thought people would like to know.

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Hi David. Saturday sounds good.

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Thanks, David and all for an even more fun paddle than I'd hoped for. The conditions were good and the company great! I may have surprised more than just myself  trying some of the milder rock features. 🫣 Thank you Jim and Dave for your encouragement and pointers! The surf practice was also fun, especially finding I actually do have a low brace, at least once in side surf conditions! 😃 It was a great day to reinforce skills and stretch boundaries!

Some of the times on the legs of the trip will look slow for this group due to play time. I can't explain the 47' gain in elevation. Click on photos for full pictures.



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