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Idea for making a short tow

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Here is an interesting idea for making your own short tow.  The interesting feature is that in has a carabiner only on one end.  The other end is to be attached to your perimeter line with a highwayman's hitch, allowing for a quick disconnect.  


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Here's my take on this:

  • Carabiners work better than knots when you're wearing gloves.
  • Carabiners are less fiddly than knots.
  • You can clip and unclip a carabiner easily in rough conditions. Try tying that knot when your boat is bouncing around.
  • If you use a carabiner on both ends of your contact tow, attached to opposite gunwales, you can use the tow on either side. I have cord running across my deck, so I clip both 'biners to it and just grab either one, with either hand, and pull it to the appropriate side.
  • A short tow is not meant to be used for a substantial length of time, so a quick-release is not really necessary.
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