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Casco Bay Campout on the Goslings #3 (The Jewell After-Party) - May 19-21, 2024

Dan Foster

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I've reserved the MCHT group campsite on The Goslings for the Sunday and Monday nights after this year's Jewell trip. If you're going to Jewell and would like to extend your stay on Casco Bay for two more nights, please consider joining us.

The way this trip runs and the requirements for joining are somewhat different than Jewell, so please contact me directly if you're interested, especially if we haven't camped together before. We'll be paddling to Goslings, back home from Goslings, and on our day trips from Goslings in a maximum of two pods, and you'll need to be flexible and willing to join in the group's decisions rather than doing your own thing.

I would like to be returning to (and therefore launching from) Mere Point or Cousins Island before noon on Tuesday. In the past we've had a second pod return later in the day.

Forecasted severe weather will likely shorten or cancel this trip.


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I’m planning to launch from Mere for Jewel Island, and would like to return probably a little later in the day on Tuesday unless the weather is dreary.

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