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Hello NSPN,

Steve here, your friend from the North, North Shore! Maine to be exact.  I’ve created a little side project that’s brought me a lot of joy and I hope it does the same for you. 

If you’re into such things, check out my adventures over at https://youtube.com/@SeeSteveSeaKayak and tell me what hat you think! I’m motivated to improve the idea and would love your feedback. 



SeeSteve Logo & Title MEDIUM_1200x640.jpg

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You are a BRAVE man to start a YT channel, so good for you!!  Enjoy the positive comments, take the constructive criticism as you see fit, and just ignore the trolls. 

I just finished watching the video and like the idea of a video channel that shows adventures alongside some “informational” knowledge as opposed to the “gear you must have” or “things you must do” style of delivery.   It will be interesting to see how your content evolves over time.

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