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WLP 9/6/23 West Beach, Beverly, MA

Sue H.

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WLP 9/6/23 Launching from West Beach in Beverly.

The weather forecast; high temperature over the water projected to be 74 degrees, whereas the land temp expected to be over 90.  Light winds 5-10, beginning north and becoming southeast.  The sea state was forecast as 2-3 feet, primary swell at 9-10 seconds and secondary swell at 0 seconds.  This forecast held largely true throughout the day with the swell height diminishing in the afternoon.  The variable wind was so minimal it was hardly noticed when it swung from north to south.

We were 7 travelers, Doug Stetson, Mike Habich, Fred Goodman, Bill Voss, Shari Gallant, Bob Levine and Sue Hriciga, launching a few minutes after 10 am and returned later at approximately 3:30 pm, for a total of 9 nautical miles.

Launching from West Beach we crossed to the western shore of Great Misery and took a collective look at the gap between Great and Little Misery.  Since it was approaching low tide and with the long period swells, the ebbing water was significantly jacked up in the passage.  After assessing this sea state, three paddlers choose to turn away and paddled around the south edge of Little Misery and four choose to run the gap.  We all met up on the eastern side of the islands.  With our pod of seven reunited, we made the crossing to Eagle Island and onto the northern shore of Children’s Island where we took a short onshore break.  We proceeded to the south shore of Children’s and landed on a pocket beach after abandoning a more dumping spot along the way.

Lunch and conversation was enjoyed under the warm sun above and on top of warm, marble sized stones with smooth polished surfaces.

After lunch we traveled around the outside of Commorant Rock and made another crossing to North Gooseberry and made another crossing to the outside of Bakers Island, traveling up the eastern shore.  We passed the large bell near Powers Rock and continued to the eastern end of the gap between the Misery Islands.  With deeper water on the flood, this gap was looking friendlier than earlier in the day, all 7 paddlers cleared the passage and traveled down the western shore of Great Misery, returning to West Beach.  Note to self, remember to provide space and timing when traveling through a location where one might get surfed !

This band of brothers and sisters shared decision making along the way, enjoyed a convivial lunch and travelled parallel paths on our journey, some playing in the rocks and others enjoying the rolling long period swells and soaking in all the environment had to offer.

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