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Wed Lunch Paddle 8/23/23: Nahant Ave. Boat Ramp

Joseph Berkovitz

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People: Prudence Baxter, Doug Stetson, Karen Gladstone, Kevin McComiskey, Barbara Ryan, Joe Berkovitz, Ricardo Caivano

(Special shout-out to new NSPN paddler Kevin! It was his first time on a club paddle.)

Route (10 nautical miles):


This tidally-assisted paddle featured a launch from a boat ramp that no one I know has ever used: the Nahant Ave Ramp, a Mass DCR property. It's located on the other side of the Nahant causeway from the beach, and has ample free parking. (You are not supposed to access the beach if you park there, and you can be ticketed unless you are bringing a boat!)

The weather on Wednesday was utterly perfect "pre-fall" weather: extremely crisp and dry air, with temps in the 70s and very modest wind that provided a tailwind along the causeway in both directions, as it reversed midday. The water was very calm but the outer side of Nahant was receiving 1-foot long period swell—making for *very* relaxed paddling among the rocks, for those who chose to do so.

Low was at 10:30 and we launched around 9:30, riding the remains of the ebb out. No boat traffic although we did spot the new Lynn MBTA ferry coming and going across the harbor (Lynn is on the other side of the water in this direction). There were some shallow spots at low water near the causeway that need to be scooted around.

Once we were out at Bass Point the environment changed a lot with the open ocean all around us and a big view of the outer harbor. We made our way around East Point to land around 11:45 at Canoe Beach on the other side of Nahant's "boot toe", an easy landing protected from what little waves there were. Canoe Beach is a Northeastern University property but other people were there sunbathing, snorkeling and diving; N.U. does not seem interested in driving people away from the beach which is a good thing.

After lunch most of us walked up to Lodge Park at the 75-foot summit of East Point with its commanding view of Massachusetts Bay. From the top looking roughly south we could see both The Graves Light and, much much further away, Minot Point Light in Cohasset. All the harbor islands were arrayed before us, too. Swallows frolicked in the air above us. Always an incredible spot to visit.

We made our way back the way we came. There was still not quite enough water to play in the "Quad" or "Subterranean" slots off of East Point. But it was still an utter delight. We arrived back at the ramp around 2:30, having had a perfect end-of-summer WLP. Thanks to everyone who could make this one!



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