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Beginner's Opportunity - Mystic Lake Session Tuesday


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I am posting this separately in hopes of catching the eye of beginners. Each of the weekly lake practice sessions are a great place to get use to your boat and learn skills. In another thread, Dave Lewis has posted information about the first Mystic Lake Session this Tuesday.

Hope to see you Tuesday.


Al Coons

Eddyline Nighthawk


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I am definately a beginner and definately interested, but I am waiting for a wet suit to come in the mail (thanks all for your advice!)... As soon as I have that I'll be trying to arrange to come to these tuesday (mystic) and thursday (chebacco) sessions.

Do you have easy directions to the Mystic put in? I'll be coming from Malden or Salem...probably 93. I might come by this tuesday without gear just to see what its like...

Thanks so much!

Heidi Hall

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For directions to Mystic Lake; click on Home, scroll down to put-ins and click on it, then scroll down to "Lower Mystic Lake". This is the best place to find many of the common put-ins.

The above was intended to teach one how to fish in the "NSPN pond". The plethora of information elsewhere in this post demonstrates, among other things, that there are many other ways to fish for maps.

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That's on http://www.nspn.org/play-put-ins.html.

Also, look at this... http://www.gmap-pedometer.com/?r=213384.

And here are some slightly different but also useful directions...

From 93 take exit 32, go right on Route 60, stay on Route 60 through Medford and West Medford, until the first small rotary, go right from the rotary up Mystic Valley parkway.

From Route 2, take exit 59, turn left onto Route 60, stay on Route 60 through Arlington, through two small rotaries at the foot of the Lake, and then left up Mystic Valley Parkway.

In either case, go 0.7 miles up the lake and look for the Medford Boat Club sign on the left.

Here's a map of the area right around the lake. The two small rotaries are on Rt 60, at the foot of the lakes, on either side of the river and parkway...


And of the routes to the Lake..


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Wow - thanks!

I think my dinosaur of a computer at work must be missing a plugin for that gmail map, but the directions on the "favorite put-ins" page and the mdc visual aids ought to get me there!

Can't wait for my wetsuit to get here!!!


Heidi Hall

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