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York Harbor, 7/12/23

Jim Snyder

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We got a break in the weather and although predicted seas were only 1', it was enough to provide some fun around the rocks if not much for surf. We were Jody Harris, Joyce Carpenter, Doug Stetson, Bill Voss, Barb Ryan, David Mercer, Prudence Baxter, Richard Blais, Joe Berkovitz, Ricardo Caivano, and myself.

We had decided to split into two pods because of the size of the group, one planning on going a little further and faster and the other going a little shorter and looking to play around. I was in the second group. in reality there was some drifting back and forth between the two groups.

My group had it's turn around lunch in Brave Boat Harbor. Sadly the hoped for surfing didn't materialize.


Barbara and I took a short walk to stretch after landing and discovered this dedicated paddlecraft launch on the other side of the bridge:


It's a long ramp but might be a nice option to avoid the mud at low tide if you brought wheels along.

Not much for pictures for me on this trip. Hopefully others will add some and report on the forward pod.


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The longer distance group made it to Wood Island, some got a tour to the top of the tower, all paddled with purpose on the way back with ominous clouds forming and isolated t-storm cells an hour away, all got a nice rinsing shower as we turned into the harbor, and some were gnawed on by greenheads as we retrieved cars and loaded boats.  All in all, a very nice day!  (Except for the flies!…and the 2+ hr drive home…)


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