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Thanks to all ...


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I was able to take make in Scott's trip this past weekend, and had a great time. So a big thanks you Scott, Kevin, Carl and everyone involved.

But I wanted to add something extra. My personal life and demands have prevented me from becoming as fully involved with the club as I'd like. I've actually taken the leadership training twice - but have never been able to take part in "disaster day", and thereby complete the training. (Once I did make it to the beach the morning of the session - only to be called away by family emergency).

But you know ... there are just so many days and hours in a week/lifetime to devote to family and the many great activities available. So we all have to pick and choose.

To new members - I've been on the "edges" of the club for more than 4 years now ... coming in just before Bob shifted to the left ... yet whenever I am able to pop in for a paddle I've felt totally welcome. This is a fabulous group of people. And not everyone is a tech-head! :) - its there is you want it, but not required "reading".

To veteran members - I want to say thanks! It's your willingness to continually share knowledge and experience with ALL levels of paddler that makes this club so different. My only regret is that I have not been able to do more.

Regards to all - and hope to see you one the water … or hiking, or biking, or skiing, or blading, or running … or at a bar someplace!,

Keep up the great work - and thanks so much.

John King

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Great to see you on the water John and thanks for your help as well! Hope to catch you out there again.

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