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What's in my Tilley hat?

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I leave my Tilley handing in my garage, with other critical gear. Yesterday I noticed some twigs sticking out. I moved the hat slightly and there was a tussle inside so I stopped and did not actually look inside. I thought about ditching the nest so I can use my favorite hat for May paddles, but today Mom and Dad were out and I gently took it down (using the neck strap) and inside were 3 TINY TINY babies. Gotta leave them alone to grow up. 

Last summer robins roosted on top of my hoe, also hanging in my garage, and raised 2 clutches. 


20230430_141651 my Tilley.jpg

20230430_141703 nest in Tilley.jpg

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I hope it's not a phoebe, liz. I spend a good part of every spring shooing away this species that loves to nest in the smallest of overhangs, creating a mud-rich nest in the process! Any successful fledglings will come back year after year, and possibly become a nuisance, as they have for me. I love birds, but my least favorite is the phoebe, with blue jays a close second.

Funny how they air-lifted that big limb in as the main carrying beam, or is that your walking stick?

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